Available courses

This course is designed to equip KAC students with basic university survival skills required to be successful and productive students. The course will cover a variety of topics including active reading and learning, researching and note taking, efficient time management, multiple intelligences, examination and study skills, interpersonal relations, conflict resolution, and employment preparation.

When this course meets in the classroom, it will meet on Fridays at 16:30 in room 241.

This course is designed to immerse students in the experience of a number of communicative tasks which provide important opportunities for cultivating interpersonal and independent skills, in addition to the benefit of undertaking the tasks themselves.

This course meets on Mondays (10:30 - 11:45) and Thursdays (13:30 - 14:45 in room 425

In this course, we examine a variety of writing genres, focus our efforts on acquiring and cultivating various skills related to academic writing, and engage in the art of self- and peer-feedback.

This course meets Wednesdays (10:30-11:45) and Fridays (13:30-14:45) in room 507

This course involves reading a variety of texts, from outside of your major, and discussions on the meaning, implications, and our own personal connections to the texts. We will have small- and large group discussions, and write regularly about our experience of reading and reflecting on the texts.

This course meets Wednesdays (12:00 - 13:15) and Fridays (15:00 - 16:15) in room 425

In this course, we focus on communication - the sharing of ideas and/or emotions - and the ways in which it can occur. We experience various types of communication, and learn about ourselves and our goals in the process of doing that. Moreover, we will have the opportunity to offer feedback and support to one another.

This course meets Tuesdays (12:00-13:15) and Fridays (10:30 - 11:45) in room 425.

We engage in the process of writing a thesis by learning about the thesis outline, each section in detail, and discussing our own thesis topics and progress. There is also a focus on academic writing skills and on offering feedback to class members.

This course meets Mondays (9:00-10:15) and Wednesdays (15:00-16:15) in room 344.